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About the Dictionary

"The Green Dictionary - on the Internet" contains about 28,400 English, German, Norwegian and Latin entries.

The dictionary contains terms from the following fields:
- Agricultural Economics
- Agricultural Policy
- Agriculture
- Aquaculture
- Botany
- Chemistry
- Ecology
- Environmental Protection
- Food Science
- Forestry
- Geology
- Horticulture
- Landscape Science
- Mapping Science
- Meteorology
- Wood Technology
- Zoology
The main focus of the dictionary is on agricultural, silvicultural, horticultural and environmental terms.

Additionally, it contains:
- About 150 official names of institutes, organizations and authorities within agriculture and related fields (in Norwegian and English)
- The Latin names of about 1500 plants, animals and other organisms

Who will find the dictionary useful?
The dictionary has been compiled with a wide range of potential users in mind: students, farmers, gardeners, scientists, advisers, politicians, employees in governmental agencies, translators and naturalists. In other words: everyone except specialists, who usually have access to specific glossaries and dictionaries within their respective fields.

Every dictionary becomes quickly outdated. The online edition of "The Green Dictionary" enables frequent updates. We hope to update the dictionary about once a year.

However, we are dependent on your help, and thus encourage users of this site to send us:
- Corrections of the existing material (noboby is perfect)
- What do you miss? Send suggestions for new terms, or improvements of existing ones
- Other comments

Last update: June 2009.

Printed edition of the dictionary
When we started working on this dictionary several years ago, we had a BOOK (hard copy) in mind. Since then, technology has advanced rapidly, and the "book" is thus now available on the Internet. This enables more search functions and easier updating than a printed version.

However, we are convinced that many people would rather - or perhaps in addition - thumb through the pages of a book! We therefore plan to publish a printed edition of "The Green Dictionary" in 2007. Information about the upcoming publication can be found on the dictionary's homepage, or by contacting one of the authors.

Responsible for the contents of the dictionary are:

Karl N. Kerner - born 1960 in NY, USA. Graduated from the Agricultural University of Norway (NLH) in 1989, majoring in Soil Science and Microbiology. Professional experience as researcher, project coordinator and international student officer. Has been self-employed as translator and writer, running his own company Agro Lingua, since 1997.
Email: karl@agroling.no

Jens Niebuhr - born 1960 in Bremen, Germany. Master craftman's diploma in agriculture. Graduated from Kassel/Witzenhausen College, Germany, in 1992, majoring in agricultural economics. Professional experience as financial adviser in northern Germany. Has been manager of a large organic farm in southern Norway since 1998.
Email: jniebuhr@frisurf.no

Håvard Steinshamn - born 1959 in Tingvoll, Norway. Graduated from the Agricultural University of Norway (NLH) in 1984, majoring in Soil Science. Professional experience as farm adviser, researcher and in the municipal agricultural service. PhD degree from NLH in 1997. Researcher at NLH/UMB from 1998-2003. Employed as researcher at the Norwegian Centre for Organic Agriculture since 2003.
Email: havard.steinshamn@norsok.no

Written by Karl N. Kerner - Adapted for the WWW by Ingeborg Hvaale 16.05.02 - updated 18.06.09

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